MUMS IN BAHRAIN – Reviews from mums

Here are some of the reviews that we received from parents who have attended Kidz World Kindergarten.

My daughter was there and was very happy first with Ms. Claudia ..then with Ms. Linda..Happy child happy mum
Juliana Ionita

A very warm friendly atmosphere..Close interaction between parents n teacher..thumbs up :)
Nusrat Jahan Khan

I am personally Very Pleased with Kidzworld
Natasha Pinto

Excellent is the word!!!!!
Stuti Saxena

my daughter feels very comfortable and friendly with the school atmosphere..teachers and team of school is working deliberately with students. kidzworld my baby's first kindergarten ..:)
Maddy Marvelous

Gr8 school with Great staff and friendly admin too I have twin kids 1 with Ms Linda and other with Ms Farheen and thy r really happy with them
Geetu Kathuria

my little Ganna likes it too much
she was in kindergarten before she was crying all z time!
Bites and hits
her class was 35 kids!

Very good teachers
Director upscale treatment
Update & following up with us
She is learning & enjoying her time there
I would recommend this school

Ganna’s mum

A very child friendly school.. Really great teachers and great atmosphere
Sandhya Subramanian

My daughter is very happy there
Divya Abraham

My child doesn't like holidays any more, he waits to go to school. It shows how efficient the staff is-both the teachers and assistants, I would highly recommend this school. This is a school which is not very well known but doing its every bit to be efficient
Deepa Nishant

It’s a great place my eldest daughter went there n now I’m going to put my second one too in April...the staff and management is excellent...
Dimple Kiran

Highly recommend... Great place with great teachers. My daughter used to go and still she says she wants to go back to Kidz World Kindergarten. Ms. Faheen is one of the best teachers
Dilrukshi De Silva

Great School and friendly staff. My son joined the school just 2 month back and the changes in him have made us glad. The perfect place for beginners
Sheema Varghese

It’s a great place for kids with excellent staffs....My daughter has been with them for nearly two years now and she just loves her school...
Meera Manoj

Highly recommended. My son just started there 2 weeks ago and we love the school!
Nissy Abraham Ephraim

My daughter likes to go to school every day n especially on sports day... She miss Ms. Claudia very much..

Amita Parik